Pura haven is 100% free of toxins, guaranteed. Their mission is to educate consumers about pure, safe, alternative personal care choices that empower people to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

I have followed Robyn Openshaw, aka Green Smoothie Girl, for over 10 years now. I started my health journey using her 12 Steps to Whole Foods program and still use it today. Many of the recipes are now family favorites!

Inshanti Pure Essential Oils are the best! Debra is a Clinical Aromatherapist that really knows her oils. I have taken courses with her and have consulted with her on a number of issues, e.g. asthma and allergies.

Our family has benefited from Sav-on-Tap Artisan Soap for several years now. My husband uses them to wash his hair too! We love all the different "flavors" aka scents. You can't go wrong with Sav-on-Tap!

xZubi, a U.S. patented technology, protects you from the effects of harmful radiation. Put one on the back of your cell phone, as well as your PC screen, TV screen, and microwave oven. Get the XZUBI 5-Pack (Protection against radioactive frequencies from devices/electronics).